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My name is Ben Realtor with ABC Real Estate in West Palm Beach, FL.  The best way to determine the current value of your property is a real Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) from a qualified Realtor.  

I can do it for you. I'll do the research & provide the CMA at no cost.  Simply click this button below to get started.


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Ben Realtor is a licensed Realtor with Elliman Real Estate


"With 14 years of experience in West Palm Beach real estate, I am dedicated to helping you reach your real estate goals in 2017"

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In today's market, its more important than ever
to price your home right.  Online estimates, such as Zillow, simply can't factor all of the necessary aspects of your home to determine the accurate value.  I can.

Accurately determining current value and helping you understand what you will NET from the sale is how I can be of service to you.

Additionally, I can offer some tips on how you can maximize the sale price of your property.

I encourage you to lean on my experience and in depth knowledge of the West Palm Beach market.

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Inside each report you'll find:

  • > Recent & comparable sales

  • > Current listings and recent market trends

  • > An evaluation specific to your property


  • We will do the research and provide you with the best evaluation of your home.


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